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Digital Invisalign by iTero

Simply put, not all Invisalign treatments are created equal. Due to the complications involved in crafting your custom-fit aligner to fit your mouth perfectly, very expensive, cutting-edge technologies, such as iTero, are needed to produce the best results for our patients. Take a look for yourself at a few of the differences below.

Typical Invisalign Treatment:

  • messy, gooey impression material used
  • impression is shipped out of the country, shipping can as long as a week and a half
  • impression material experiences exposure to varying heats and humidities which can cause warping or distortion in the material
  • fitment is sub-optimal
  • volatility of the impression material does not allow for optimal long-term storage
  • if you’re impression goes missing or is deformed you are force into another messy, gooey impression

You may see that this method of capturing your dental impression is an out-dated practice, held onto by many New York City dentist’s due to the high cost of investing in the best possible technology.

Invisalign Treatment with iTero:

  • shorter appointments due to the speed of the iTero scanning process
  • digital scanning offers unparalleled precision
  • digital scans are uploaded instantly directly to the lab so we can begin crafting your appliance as soon as possible
  • zenthea has been assigned our own lab technician, who has experience servicing our clients to the highest standards
  • resulting fitment is second-to-none

At Zenthea, we know that offering a superior product at a competitive price is just the right thing to do. We sleep great at night knowing our philosophy of practicing the best and healthiest outcome for our patient has transformed so many smiles and continues to delight our patients everyday!

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